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Overdose - Beyond My Bad Dreams lyrics

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Beyond My Bad Dreams by Overdose

One night
Resting when I fell into sleep
Had a dream I could not believe
Misshapen faces trying to scream
On a flashback
Of my life right in front of me
I was standing there and a 3-d screen
Showed my own moves, my past tragedy
All my childhood friends suddenly appeared
Good ones and the bad ones laughin' at me
Old days
All the things we've done
Mates, mates
Now they all have gone
Time, time
Always ruling my life
Cries, cries
Wish I still were a child
Beyond this dream
The unconscious seem
To have nothing else for me
All I need to know
Is where I'll go
Now that I'm old
I wanna see beyond my bad dreams
Deep into the secrets of my destiny
Beyond my bad dreams
Maybe I'll meet my maker or devil's breed
Who's gonna be hiding there waiting for me
Beyond my bad dreams
Act two
I was a teenage seeking a way
To get away
From the challenges I had to face
You grow up
And understand the gifts of mankind
Then you learn
Life's a joke, nothing but a lie
An old love with a pretty tempting smile
Tried to convince me it was all worthwhile
Faces that I haven't seen for a long time
Could not ease the pain 'n fear of a young mind
Fate, fate
Always haunting me
Old days
Of a sweet agony
Time, time, always torturing my mind
Cries, cries
Sometimes death would be fine
[Repeat bridge and chorus]

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