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Out Of Body Special - Seal The Deal lyrics

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Seal The Deal by Out Of Body Special

Guess what? We've come back again
To those thinkin' it, it wasn't an accident
Flash photograph tagged you see us
The ones on the magazines frequently featured
Don't mean to boast but we got off that tour bus
Two years in a row from Manila to Cebu
Come on, who's next let's put together a show
We fresh off the boat, hittin' the rest of the globe
Are y'all ready for this, we still stubborn and stupid
Where so many would quit, the pressure got the best of them
In a world run by cash and connects
F**k that we still gon' be nabbin' a bit
Although my babble is graspable cats can't imagine
The possibilities with just a pinch of passion
We specialize in gettin' peeps out of body
We specialize in somethin' nobody could copy, so
Why oh why not (3x)
Why oh why (2x)
The Flip force infiltratin' the building
Bust down the doors storm in, security called in
But it's too late, flood gate's been opened
Now everyone can see, everyone' gon' do it
The message in this piece ain't for us, but for you kid
So you can take this s**t to wherever you wanna
The question is are you gonna
Sayang naman kung ang sasabihin mo lang 'pag huli na ang lahat ay 'sana'
Look, we got away with somethin'
We 'bout to do it again
Other people think there's no way around it but
There's been a change in the program
If you want, you can do your own thing
It ain't gotta be part of the plan
'Cause progress is movin' forward and up
And often not stalkin a trend, so ask yourself
Why oh why not (3x)
Why oh why (2x)
Tell your dad I got the cash
Let's seal the deal (2x)
Tell your dad I got the cash
Can I take you away now
One time for the people who didn't know
No time at all for those who did but didn't go
A lack of info could be a factor
But what are you in for if you just gon' stand there
In the back or lie on your back and not grab
The pregnant moments, many of which
Death has stolen, read the testimonials
Now can you blame a fella if he gets too vocal
We bringin' it to ya, think about it, the time you make use of
Get rid of doubt 'cause that's the illusion hinderin' you from
The truth which transmutes belief into achievement
The secret kept by greedy creeps and those who fear it
Whether it's love or a Learjet
World peace or a piece of the world
A friend said life's a free-for-all, but if you need help
Immediately give me a call and we gon' be there
Why oh why not
Why oh why not (3x)
Why oh why (2x)
Tell your dad I got the cash
And there's more where that came from
Tell your dad I got the cash
Can I take you away now
Gon' take you away girl

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