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OutKast - Intro lyrics

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Intro by OutKast

Ah, yes. well, i myself, larry olivia, i'm a method actor and i studied at the prestigiouse school of Houliard. And, you know, i feel as if, you know, the rappers and the musicians and whatnot get into acting, you know, you know as, their disrespecting the craft and i feel as if, you know, their taking jobs from us, from us trained actors and i feel as if they should just leave it to the pros.
Man, shut your ass up. you tellin' me that if you made a song and it was jammin', we all supposed to listen to it? man, equal oppertunity, man, let them do their thing. and, why you talkin' like that? ain't you from Band Camp? Anyway, i heard that Idlewild movie comes out friday. i'm gonna be there on friday. i'll be f**kin' trying to get some work. thank you, densail or somebody.. haha
Did i just hear y'all say that new outkast movie comes out friday?hell yeah, i'm gonna be there! and, who this f**k is anyway? who's he supposed to be? he's about to get f**kin' jumped on. he better watch his mouth, talkin' 'bout acting. he neads to act like he's got some sence up in this sh*thole...

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