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OutKast - Bowtie lyrics

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Bowtie by OutKast

Otkast : Speakerboxxx, Big boi
Girl you cut up! (oww!)
Girl you know you cut up!
Hook: Crocodile on my feet/
fox fur on my back/
Bowtie 'round my neck/
That's why they call me gangsta mack/
in the Cadillac!! Yeah!!! (repeat)
1 verse (Big Boi)
Nasty Noompsy Knightingale/ Fresh in that tuxedo/
Cumperbun with no suspenders/ my torpedo, your libido/
Need to chat (Chip, chop it up, shoot the breeze!)/
I'm your r-o-l-a-i-d-s, release the squeeze or release the keys/
To the shackles on her wrist, she can tackle some of this/
smack on smack on some of this dick tracy/
arrest her, book her, fingerprint your hooker/
you took her to the club and now her body is full of liquor/
Off that Butterscotch Schnapps and Bailey's Irish Cream/
She's a damsel in distress impressed with stylish things/
Whatcha mean? (Chip, chop it up, shoot the breeze!)/
In the parking lot we primp, crooked booty to the scene where it...//
verse 2 (big boi)
Oh, lord! How can it be so hard??/
To put on a pair of panties much less a pair of jeans or a leotard/
But I got to start by complimenting you on your physique/
You unique, you best belive, I'm gon' skeet once I speak/
Spoke, spit, spatter, spat, and I macked her just like that/
But it takes years of perseverance and experience to get the cat!/
So why don't I chase this Hennessy down whih some of that/
on your back like a cheerleader missing the final stack!/
As we strut skip the line through the glass window glance/
We look fine, right on time/
As we step in the place the nursery's crunk we've come to play//
(sleepy): Everybody's watching 'cause them furs just hit the door/
While the gator's creeping, crawling, oh so wicked across that floor/
To the V.I.P where we proceed to give you what you need/
Throw your hands up if you feel me! Throw your hands up if you feel me!!/
'Cause we well designed and fine as wine/
Feel good to be fly, so don't you ask me why/
I got the ladies in line, because they can't deny/
So raise your hands to the sky 'cause we super fly//
'cause we super fly

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