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Orthanc - Through Heavens by Fire lyrics

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Through Heavens by Fire by Orthanc

IÒd step on the path
Which led to the skies
Stars pale by the side
Of lightnings from my eyes
HeavenÒs shores crushinÒ down
Under steps of son of the sun
Hiding shadows, bunking skies
Carnage in elseÒs paradise
A mist which weaved by clouds
Is broken by the explode
Black wind, star on edge
Of my sword as cometÒs fall
Smell of storm in the air
Roaring thunders, tongues of flame
Ecstasy of battle steel
Symphony of overkill. Attack!!!
Ramping seams of ground
I donÒt turn from my way
Welcome to the bloodbath Ö
Oden rides his Sleipnir!
Silence of the frostbitten lakes
Majesty of ancient woods
Look as great and proud my reign
Under silver rays of the moon
When IÒll down my sword
Smoke will blown away Hyperborean
Will be master of this land

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