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Orkrist - The Ancient War Spirit lyrics

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The Ancient War Spirit by Orkrist

In old times,
When the horde maraud the lands of another hordes,
And dusk washed the days with blood away
Black gods rised from their realms
To favour their warriors
With the truly might of the ancient war spirit
I am the embodiment of gods and from
Night comes the power of my soul
War is my mistress and war's my only lust
Eternal seems the thirsty trail for blood and all alive
So hear my mass
In front of the gate
Stands black dragon of time
From his mouth lashes the flame
It's the downfall of all weird
Far like the shores of Avalon
Are the times of gleaming swords
The gales of the centuries
Streamed the life so far
And away
A total eclipse of the world,
It's the night of the day,
Eternity grey
This world only life can destroy,
While the mortals they die
In this glorious night
Now, now there's light,
In the overcast skies,
In the warrior's eyes
Sunless are the eyes of night
Wrapped face by bloody shroud
Just dreams full of obscutiry
That the fate leaves them behind
Descend deity of daylight thorn
My arms will raise to you
Grip my sword by hand of Lord
Flip them all in Tartarus
Demons of wide galaxies
Enter the world of light
So kneel before dark majesty
Mean worshippers of Christ
Witches from the ancient worlds
Have powered me with might
The creatures of their untold spells
Will follow me tonight,
My path
I and the dream
Of the glorious empire
We will rise from the storms
As the final day'll income
Where once there were pride
And shining of splendour
Will rebirth from the womb
The eternal kingdom of war
And so ends the shrift of the warrior's soul,
Triumphant and yearning as never before

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