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Orgy - Faggot (live in texas) lyrics

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Faggot (live in texas) by Orgy

Jay: Do you guys know what it's like to be called...FAGGOT!!!!!!
I was a little boy of about 12,
I was an angry child, I always yelled,
Went to school, started a new year,
As soon as I walked in, kids started to jeer,
Look at that faggot Jay,
Jay is a faggot,
Do you know how it feels?
Do you know how it feels?
f**k you all I hope you die
You're all living a lie
One day at the age of 16,
Walked into school,
Kids called me drag queen,
What the f**k? Just because i'm not the same,
Just because I'm not so f**king plain,
For this I will end,
Everything, everyone,
I hope you all had your fun
f**k you Srikant!
You're the f**king FAGGOT
f**k this sh*t.

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