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Open Mike Eagle - The Song With The Secret Name lyrics

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The Song With The Secret Name by Open Mike Eagle

One, two, one, two
My form weird, Bill Cartwright
sh*t's real like the arc light
Do cartwheels on the dark side
Divide feels like apartheid
Run until I drop like the Far Side
My heart locked in a archive
The car's blocked, there's a rock slide
A large drop of peroxide, belly full of hot lies
Spinning Quelle Chris' Popeye
My head hard like the top of a pot pie
Be a fake king and show love with a hate stream
I sold drugs to the daydream
A home run or a late swing and I'm so stunned when I break things
I used to bomb with the zombies
I separated like the laundry
You can respond to the quandary
It's like Pac rocking with Jon B
The connection's beyond me
Close like your moms and your auntie
A bus to the spliff store, no doubt that it hit hard
I wrote the bars in a grimoire
I broke it down like a foot fracture
I represent who I took after
I say eh like The Bushwhackers, yeah
I collect it all and said it again in a book chapter
I'ma collect all my raps and sell 'em again in a book, like that smart guy
In the meme, with the haircut, yeah
Prickly pear, I'm mentally on a leave
I'm up in the air, we live in the room between
We up in the walls, they say that we all a team
It's total recall, like in a free falling dream
About to begin, we in the deep end
I need a reprieve, I need a weekend
Not one to believe, but we can pretend
I haven't received, if you could resend
This is my week on, about to be gone and flew
The heavy feelings, can only speak on a few
The sh*t that they said, and even some more, is true
Supposed to move on, dunno what I'm 'posed to do
This ain't a boo-hoo, this ain't a lecture
This isn't a guess or some conjecture
I bought me some knives, I bought a zester
I need a new day, it's been forever

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