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Open Mike Eagle - Kites lyrics

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Kites by Open Mike Eagle

[Video Dave:]
Omar be paintin' [?] just lookin' from different origins
Everything American is foreign
Everything embarrassing is boring
My grill is George Foreman
My head is less horsemen
It's more stormin' Norman
I'm stuck in '86 and '97
I'm tryna see a failure as a lesson
I'm tryna see the morning as a blessin'
I'm stressin' less lately
Second guessin' texts to my baby
I do not have a baby
I do not have a lazy bone in my body
I have a million hobbies
I'm busy, I'm crazy, I'm wishin' on a star
I hope this letter reaches you wherever you are
Over and out
[Still Rift:]
To whom it may concern
I regret that you have learned of my demise
I hope that you, the reader, know that I the writer
Took the time to take this moment to relay a message
Sent from the former I, to all my loved ones, who above all else
Please forward this accordingly
Their first name
It looks as though I have passed on to a different place
If I should return here with a different face
Erase my browser history
And gift to me my items where we last discussed
Send back the remainders, my retainers will take half as much
And after thus
Tell my kids the following exactly
My offspring: the government was after me
So after me
The work I have begun, you have been burdened to accomplish
Godspeed to you
I will observe your progress
I promise that it's worth it
The set-up is now perfect
Thank you reader
I need not for you to be believer, just receiver
And if there comes a time when you are asked about the previous
Write out the proceeding and then leave with this
[Open Mike Eagle:]
I admit I never thought I'd have to see you again
I now recognize the need so I'll reach for a pen
No need to defend
'Cause in the end you know what happened
I was tired of yelling with no reaction
I saw a way forward and I grabbed it
So here's a fact for your satisfaction
I learned a bunch of really awful habits
And y'all assumed that I was AWOL
I'm here to play ball
It's tough 'cause I convinced myself I hate y'all
I need to know when I'm home that I'll be back in the fold
It felt lousy, watchin' y'all carry on without me

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