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Open Mike Eagle - Informations lyrics

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Informations by Open Mike Eagle

Ive had the sam phone number for a decay
Americans form models next to my left leg
My first power up was a flip on
Ive been feel the power, moving on throw my hip bone
Yeah I got a lady and i dance with her
Im happy to see her but when she feels my transmitter
Aha, my antennas spends killin
Im all full of added like the Spider Man villan
Yeah Im park plesion , park energy
But the last text I send it was from the heart literally
Taking plates to get really, really deep
I put myself on Air Plane Mode and go to sleep
Between my cell phone ? computer get all the radiation
My body full of information
Yeah, (I had the power)
My body full of information
Yeah and I dont need a loyal
Every time I get a call I get a centimeter taller
Yeah, Im in the skies like the white guy
Motherf**k your mind if my mind is a IPod
Both of my feets IPods really
And this hand hears an IPod mini
And this other hard is a old wire magazine
When I pass gas is sound like a fax machine
Ive been thinking in secret sh*t then linkin it
My mind is on the Internet and if I speak Im twinkled
? some people wanna start one
But I got super powers, like no heart done
But thousand feet tall I dont need no innegatin
My body full of information
My body full of information
This a computer man
I dont even know what that is
I dont even watch TV
I dont know much about science
But never read the ? my lips run aps,
Sorrow traps like the stories
Wander how we fine to do the new Harlem Shake
? to ace figure escape and get to it
Computer for fake, Imma jake
If I lie I know that
I clean up and look ?
If you lie somehow Ill find you
But in time I am the slum, dim after dim
Juke box money dance, dumb bomp funny pence
One guy and then he got a gun in the underpants
Ht the gran grass do the thunder dance
Take a pick under that
Run tell and do that
Somebody drop me down and ?
Seam it irrelevant to this conversation
His so high, that he did it
No hard to play on play station
Live life on the day to day bases
They pay to stay amazing and vapeliss
Cases and get away and stay ?
Ya b**ch, ya b**ch

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