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Open Mike Eagle - CD Only Bonus Track lyrics

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CD Only Bonus Track by Open Mike Eagle

[Open Mike Eagle:]
Welcome, this is Crazy Ziggy's Stereo Emporium
Come on in, we're slashing prices
We're slashing prices all over the place
We got whatever you need, Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer, Fisher, RCA, Sharp
All comes with a money back guarantee
And every component system comes
(One, two)
With the Auto Reverse!
Catch you up on the space station
My brain's heavy, it break pavement
Send invoices and make payments
Are you enjoying your vacation?
The news story is late-breaking
A pro tip: This is forty
That old sh*t, I miss it sorely
I wrote sick, but kicked it poorly
I'm the brick and mortar Rick and Morty
I'm a different sort of normie
Torched it, didn't try to warn me
Old rage is the best feeling
The rotation is west-leaning
Behind all smoke is the vote raising the debt ceiling
The whole nation is stress filming
That old Faces of Death feeling
I'm daydreaming of the golden ages
I'm day drinking out in Copenhagen
Making a living out of broken language
[?] soul, I'm motivated
Trying to hold the control is overrated
This old fragrance choking the whole situation
With the Auto Reverse!
We got Sansui, Hi-fi shelf system, Dual tape deck
With the Auto Reverse!
Sports Walkman, bright yellow, water-proof
Bass boost
With the—
[Aesop Rock:]
Ok, no known syndrome explained why his heart scan's shaped like a wishbone
Grab half, back away in slo-mo, snap, crack
Matter fact, give 'em both a Bacharach, you're out of gas
Daddy got a brand new plan for the Rambos
Hint: There's only one ampule of antidote
They don't disappear without a ransom note
Meet 'em at the Dunkin' bring a dozen Michelangelos, pronto
Aes love a cold harsh winter
Over cozy, under glowing in the dark star stickers on the ceiling
Feel the bargain bin Charles Dickens
My dinner goes, "Grandma, what large slippers"
It doesn't count unless you eat the heart
Same goes for the trope of a sleeping guard
Even the guy yelling, "make room, I know CPR"
Agree, that's gonna leave a mark, Mark
[Open Mike Eagle:]
With the Auto Reverse!
Realistic, 6-CD changers, two-way speakers
With the Auto Reverse!
Soundesign, alarm clock radios, Dual tuner
With the Auto Reverse!
Escape from the overseers
I finessed it like Mama Mia
I Confess, like Bahamadia
I play the wall like a special titan
I ain't a wizard, but I wrestle like him
The only wand I know detects metal items
That's a lie, I know hella spells
Hear 'em enough to tell 'em well
f**kin' OMG, LOL, yeah
[Diamond D:]
If it's real, then do tell
I shoot you the facts, Bill Beutel (Right)
Soon as you get jammed up, you tell (Snitch)
I call you KY, cause you gel (Ha, ha)
Arms and limbs mauled off
Fightin' for your life in the ambulance, hauled off
I'm up in the penthouse at the Waldorf (Right)
Everything is Wonderful, Paul Orndorff
Hell of a run, proud I'm touring
Wrapped in the finest linen, Shroud of Turin (Uh)
Fanbase solid from the crowd I'm luring (That's right)
Anything you touch smells loud of urine (Stink)
You out frontin' wit' ya boys tonight (Come on)
Fake Rolexes and moissanite
Ladies say the drip is ill, my voice is right
Pad is crazy, Spectre Rolls Royce is tight
Let's go

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