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Olsen Twins - One Buffaloo, Two Buffali lyrics

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One Buffaloo, Two Buffali by Olsen Twins

A goose and a goose make : two gise
A moose and a moose make : two mise
A mouse and a mouse make : two mice
A grouce and a grouce make : gripe? Greece!
One buffalo, two buffali
Sounds good, gice it a try
It may be wrong, it still may fly
One buffalo, two buffali
I dont think so!
A nox and a nox make : noxen
A fox and a fox make : foxen?
A cow and a cow make : cattle
A sow and a sow make : sattle? Seattle!
One kangaroo, two kangari
It works for me, give it a try!
It may be wrong, it still may fly
One kangaroo, two kangari
A whole bunch of coockies make it cracket
A whole bunch yackels of make it yacket
Bucks make it bucket
Ducks make it ducket
A whole bunch of jackets make it blacket? Why not!
A pooch and a pooch make : two peach
A leach and a leach make : two looch
A rooch and a rooch make: two reach
A preach and a preach make : what? Prits??
One karaboo, two karabi
I love it! Give it a try!
It may be wrong, it still might fly
One karaboo, two karabi!
Twelve inchwurms make it footwurms
It’s when long skinny shakewurms
Two footwurms make it feetwurms
That’s the pleasure with a takewurm
A knoo and a knoo make : two knee
A shroo and a shroo make : two shree
A pare of kanaries : That’s sweet! That’s called a parakeet!
One kakatoo, two kakafour
Why dont you make it some more?
One kakatoo, two kakafour
One buffaloo, two buffali
One karaboo, two karabi
One kangaroo, two kangari
One buffaloo, two buffali
Marykate, whats a whole lot of baby-tooth? Baby-teeth!
Okay, what’s a whole lot of baby-youth? Baby-yeeth?
A lot of hippoos? Hippies!

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