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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Seed (Skit) lyrics

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Seed (Skit) by Ol' Dirty Bastard

Phil Collins
Ol' Dirty
Yeah, Su-su-ssudio
[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
This recording is dirty and a-stinkin'
Pukier than Pepe' le Peu
So I was thinkin
About, droppin' this single on the charts
Letting you know
"Hey! The kid has heart"
I never deny myself as being dope
But in my last jam, niggas slept on my notes
You thought that I was weak
Uhh, let me speak
My rhymes come funkier than your gram'phone would speak
So listen, mister, don't you ever forget
The rhyme are dirty, you couldn't clean it with Comet
Or even Morax, some try Ajax
Only mix with the best, 48 tracks
Yo, I get down with the eight song sound
Lyrics that be flowing from miiiiiles around
So let the music shut ya ass up
And feel the uppercut that'd make you fall to your butt, w-what!
[Female singer]
If he calls me, I'll be there
I'll come running, anywhere
He's all I need, all my life
Feels so good if I just say the word
Just say the word, oooh
Uh ohh
[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Let me continue, verse number two
Style is wild, Dirty stinkin' like doo-doo
If your hangin' around, you change your mind
If it's a bad influence, but yo it's my rhyme (my rhyme)
I sit down and I say to myself
Sell, yo, or you on the top, shelf
I drop this single for you, to get a dose of
As I lay back, like a pillow on a sofa
Gettin paid? Yeah, right, fully
My ass can be G one one one
You know me
My rhyme is sugar
Sweet as a honey bee
Tastes like a ??
Stinkin' like OE, yeah
Well I drink Old English
So I speak Old English
If not, I'

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