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Ofishal - Turnin' Back lyrics

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Turnin' Back by Ofishal

Hey yo Dk Small
Are you ready to break the new one
Once upon a time I didn't know when I feel it wasn't sure
Do I live my dreams who can poppin and...
That's a virus stop me to...
Rather die before I take my knee
Oh no no no drowning around
Too late it turn back now
'Cause I come too far as I work so hard
Stop until the beach, I will stop until the bitch
The pressure so come until it's not...
Excuse my life is no I'm fell in love but them dancers
No cheaters like them haters
Jack like nothing my career deal with... so f*ck em
Never turn my back but I'm turn the f*ck up
I see like I can't never get enough
Got a problem with this drinkin shit but I know of a sudden
... ice with the fire now I... I can outfit
Bitch I'm the cross of line
You can no longer... cause shit
Bitches fill me... I salute em I just focus on music
And making the kid the... people talking
I'm from the place where only few rains
... if you have seen for the sun did extreme
You can think what extreme
I remember I kept the real and stay focused on my dream
And yeah mother f*cker... occupate dream
Yeah I want... why you wanna hate me focus on your energy
Thinking outside the box but you can't help me
You... f*ck let your...
Have behind the... this is a test that I... f*ck yeah
I'm calling all you...
Get a backery from... you need to play your ole dog
... before my homies start to write
I like the shit so I decided to write the...
Mississippi cup in a... as I...
I wouldn't give a f*ck what my legacy...
I wouldn't give enough
... hit mami I'm... love
I'm just... are you going have...
Your girlfriend she gone
Shut the f*ck up... money... make believe
I mean they just make a shit but you ashamed to me...
Not to play with me there like... shoot like my knight
... I'm n war myself so do you...
Int he... matter of fact...

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