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Officer Negative - Us And Them lyrics

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Us And Them by Officer Negative

Sticking together
That's what we do
We are God's children
With nothing to loose
When you fall
Help is there
Nothing else can compare
Politicians media
Feeding us their lies
Self profiting organizations
Greed is in their eyes
Gettiing us hooked
Violence and rage
While they are recieving
Their outrageous wage
Evil kids today
What else will they say
When they program us
Another way
Will they program us
Another day
Turn on the t.v.
What do ya see
Turn on the radio
What do you hear
Kids in rebellion
Going anarchy
LAPD in riot gear
Parents not knowing
What to do
Sending kids to shrinks
Talking to doctor foo
Telling him about their lives
Trying to get inside
When all you have to do
Is pray to the most high

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