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Officer Negative - Don't Turn Away lyrics

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Don't Turn Away by Officer Negative

Every time
You take your eyes off God
Its just another time
Your beneath the odds
Every time you look the other way
Its just another time
Youve gone astray
So your stumbling through life
You just don't know
Your trusting yourself
With your living soul
Is it worth all the pain
Worth the guilt
Of turning your back
On what is real
Don't turn away
The life of God
To please yourself
You got it all wrong
You wont find
A better gift
Of life in Christ
No don't turn away
You say you have
Thought things through
Youve make up your mind
On what your gunna do
And this whole Christian
God like thing
Well it just aint for you
And now your gunna leave
So this world has got you down
And satan's crawling up your back
And your blaming everybody
But you
You turned your back on God
You say you messed things up
But don't you see the problem
Is you
Wheres your faith
Wheres your trust
Call his name
So don't turn away from God
He didn't turn from you
Even when your wrong
Well you don't think it's time
For you
To give yourself to Christ
And live a brand new life

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