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Ofermod - Eu Angelion lyrics

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Eu Angelion by Ofermod

I behold the infernal depth of the rootless root
In a constant flur of a qliphotic mortification
The endless pleroma mirroreth as the gate of Chaos opens
Ande the sparkless spark of divine light shines in the abyss
The structure of the Absolute revealeth
Wonders of the past and what is yet to come
As Marah's legs are spread
Ande the divine Word vibrated in the Womb
Beyond the eyeless Daath
Leaving the triads underneath
I ascend the eleventh path
To become immortality and Death
I emerge from Sithra Achra
And acknowledge the many natures of Understanding
In violent rituals of the most impure eroticism
I seek to drown myself in the sterile Waters of Death
Where is movement, there is life that must die
Gather every limb near the heartbeat of Death
In a joint pilgrimage to the Womb of it All
Prasie ye Death with passion for Nothing is holy
Their Kingdom was already mine
Now I am crowned
I am He that is, and is Not
I am the One, I am none

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