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Odious Sanction - Complexity Mind Crank lyrics

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Complexity Mind Crank by Odious Sanction

Life's frustrations
Racking my brain everyday
There's no hiding from life's reality
Everywhere we turn
We see nothing but negativity
The pressure and stress
Crushing all
Complete rage
Burns in our brains
A complete nerve racking game
Is so hard to understand
Our world in constant burning
Towards all that we hate
There just seems to be no end
To the malicious torture
Of being on planet earth
Pushing hard through each
Painful, miserable, full
Of stress days
Mental shocks of hostility
Shoots through our brains
With barely no control
Right here-right now
This is life's sick way
Of teaching us another lesson
Left to burn in hell
Knowing what is
Really going on
Awaiting our turn
For mankind's execution
Fear our-own race
Humans are a mistake
This life is so impossible
Every day is out of control
This is the life
We feel the pain almost every single
How much more
Can we withstand
Of the relentless
Complexity mind crank

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