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Northstar - Crazy lyrics

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Crazy by Northstar

f/ Midnight, Shoshot, Tonebone
[Intro: Midnight]
Yo! This for all my motherf**king niggaz
On the West Coast, on the East Coast
In the mid-West, the Dirty South
Nigga, I don't care what you doing
Who you wit, or where you at, nigga
Go Crazy, nigga
Go motherf**king Crazy, nigga
Get motherf**king sick wit it!
[Chorus 2X: Tonebone]
Sometimes I might get a little Crazy
Dipped and sticking doors with one-eighty
Ever since the G's raised me
The streets couldn't fade me, go Crazy
[Christ Bearer]
Yeah, all y'all niggaz go Crazy
Leave the b**ch-ass niggaz braindead in the daily
Too many ho's yelling, "Christ Bearer, save me!"
b**ches can't swim cuz the water too wavy
My nigga, get a little nuts
The Wu don't give two f**ks, Clan like Klu Klux
Lace the Digi with the 'dro
Tai Bo, bust ya fo'-fo', let ya hair down, ho
Ya gotta get a little sick
Let niggaz try to play you like a step-child and click
f**k the dumb sh*t, nigga, trip
Lose ya grip, pull a semi-automatic out the whip
Get psychotic, neurotic, they want it, they got it
Bang it to the boogie, hypnotic
Dip a stick and do a quick one-eighty
Like G's that raised me, a Long Beach baby
Taught me the difference of a b**ch and a lady
The streets can't fade me when I'm liable to go Crazy
Crazy, like hitting a bank with a three-eighty
And maybe, flip and pistol-whip an old lady
That's shady, ya think that's shady?
Hell, not as shady as the b**ch that had my first baby
And maybe, that's why I blow big dope on the daily
And maybe, I'll f**k ten more b**ches and have ten more babies
And lately, I've been wanting to take sh*t back to the eighties
And maybe, I'll drive-by shooting at niggaz that hate me
See baby, you know my story and that's the way it still goes
Real crazy, I'm still rapping baby and I still hate ho's
Shoshot is sick wit it, gots nothing for ho's
but conversation and some dick wit it, can you dig it?
I'm a zipped down fool, and niggaz pause when I spit it
I might strip to my drawers, when I trip off the liquid
See maybe, I need to get f**ked up 'til I hurl
cuz I'm Crazy like 2Pac screaming "f**k the world!"
[Chorus 2X]
[Christ Bearer]
Yeah, f**k that, go looney
Screaming "b**ch, sue me", off the wall like a young Paul Moonie
Break a rule, act a motherf**king fool
Roll a cutty on D's, solo at the carpool
Play Clyde Bearer's like a young Warren Beaty
Let Bonnie be ya lady so the b**ch go Crazy
[Meko the Pharaoh]
While niggaz go Crazy I stay amazing
Doing what I do, straight blazing
Re-arranging, the time structure in the streets
Rotating planets like my people far out, you can't see
Believe it or not, a drop
NorthStar make ya heart stop
Too hot.. yeah, my sh*t stay live.. wit a vibe
that makes niggaz go Crazy when they get high (pass that)
b**ches button down ya button-fly
Niggaz bust ya fo'-five, get real live
Cuz ya only live this life once
So bounce to this motherf**ker like you own one (bounce)
Dip a stick and straight trip on a nigga
Take a sip and straight spit on a nigga
Cuz the streets straight raised me
But they couldn't fade me (nigga), go Crazy
[Chorus 4X]

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