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Noreaga - Cocaine business (hysteria) lyrics

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Cocaine business (hysteria) by Noreaga

Yo all y'all b**ches can pay for your own drink *echo*
You got real finger nails pay yo' own rent
You don't need nobody to do sh*t for you go home
I want them Ringworm b**ches dirt bomb project hoes
Yea oh yo yo yo yo yo yo yo you want me to tell you why?
Lets do it like this!!yo
I was in love like a motherfuker licking the bra tons
My homies use to tell me that she was no good
But I'm da manic in black, N-O-R's ease whores
So I figga niggas wouldn't f**k with mines
Guess what I got caught up by one time
And I'm back on my f**king way to county jail
Niggas tell ome on da streets that my pussy for sale
Peter Pipper, pick a pepper, yo I'm Peter Pay-par
And I don't give a f**k as long as I ball
Answer the phone like "sh*t,b**ch why do you call?"
Fast foward now skip da scene,
some of the best pussy that I ever got, nigga right in Queens
Yo I'mma Lefrak nigga, and that's right in between
QB and Jamaica niggas know what I mean
Shorties wanna try and get me for enormous creme
I don't forget no one, I put them all with the team
I say
Yo yo I just don't love no b**ches
I jus don't love no hoe hoe's
b**ches tried to sh*t on me and make history
Supposely, I was the man da man that was supposely
Getting the Jump-Off, Jumped-Off,
in the Jump-Off,with the Jump-Off, let's jump it off
Pergalate, All my niggas get high,and half baked
Mr. Nice guy catch me with the smiley face
Pounds of weed, for 96hundred, I'm blunted
b**ches wanna give me head, head, give me I want it
From the ugly one's to the one's that's pretty
Victor, Victory just like P-Diddy
Melvyn Flynt now I jus take it city
Yo I'mma real hustler, front up in your committee
They use to call me nasty boy, Mr. Titties
I'm like unlimited, see y'all little biddies
We like hungry Pitbulls out to get your kiddies
We like hungry Pitbulls out to get your kiddies
Yo I say, I just don't love no b**ches
I just don't love no hoe hoe's
[Chorus - Kurupt (Noreaga)]4x's
(Yo ayyio) You ain't getting my money (ain't)
You ain't getting my jewels (nope)
You ain't getting my ring (Not today)
So silly hoe you lose (not at a time)
Ayyio,cross collaborzation on your album kid
I do a one off and still get a million kid
Why you got a record deal, wonder why that you're broke
Bet your lawyer askes question like "Why do you smoke?"
You need to stop getting high ,pay attention and croak
It's a whole lot of money, yo it ain't no joke
You gone get laid, you don't even wanna get get paid
You want the rhyme light kid, you wouldn't know what to say
You don't even really care dat nobody trust you
Why all y'all players, play, I rather just hustle
You didn't know I use my brain or flex a muscle
Knick Knack, Patty Whack, give a dog a bone
Add a mllion more niggas when Capone come home
2 thousand deep at da club, bottle wit chrome
You need to move out the way ,nigga move out the zone
Neptunes lace the beats and I took it home
I say
[chorus 2]4x's
Yea dedicated to Snoop Dog, Daz,and Kurupt
and da Dog Pound Gangsta, N-O-R-E
sign out
Thugged Out

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