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No One - Falling lyrics

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Falling by No One

Believe me when I say
That I've tried to understand
But something within me
Just holds me back and says I can't
I'm fading, degrading
Trapped inside this cycle hell
Fighting, and hiding
A persisting test that I must fill
Wanting to give you
All I can with all my will
But inside it has rule
The more I grab the more I spill
Decided, divided
I cannot drop this burning coal
Trusting, and lusting
Competing sides strive fro content
I've tried to see the way
If you could see inside of me
You'll find my mind is
Falling torn by deceit, approaching self defeat
The mental fight that's hounding, pounding
I'm falling.
A feeling of sadness
Follows me with my mistakes
Scarved in my conscience
Hanuting every move I make.
Alone, drifting miles apart
I'm found, with an empty heart
The sound, of peace is calling me
I wait, for a time of ease
Can't you see, that I am weak
Can't you see, I'm falling

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