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Nokturnl - Woomera lyrics

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Woomera by Nokturnl

You try to tell me
It's not the end of the world
Nuclear anthrax ridden pedigree
Solar radiation ammunition refugee
Small pox ammonia vapour factory
Fuel air forced heavy metal category
Chemical propulsion hollow point ground
Toxic depleted uranium round
Archaeological shrapnel mound
Acrid leukemia screeching sound
You try to tell me
It's not the end of the world baby
I've got that feeling that
It's going all wrong lately
Why should I ever want to go to Woomera?
To get away from a world
That wasn't good enough
Discharge abdominal infection
Military government insurrection
Spy satellie information detection
Donor lung biological rejection
Terminal velocity critical mass
War for peace and life for cash
Definitive history burn and slash
Buildings fall and it starts with a rash
You Try'd to tell me that there's nothing in the world,
I have the feeling that it's going all wrong lately,
Why would i ever want to go to Woomera,
Too get away from a world that wasn't good enough
Longitudinal trajectory plan
Mass pandemic hemorrhagic Japan
No trace of live form tri quater scan
Mutant modified lifeless man
Born from designer drug technology
Dead cell tissue amputate at the knee
Will clean up as best as we can
How will we be in another century?

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