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NOFX - Vanilla Sex lyrics

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Vanilla Sex by NOFX

don't ever take away from me my pornography
we obviously don't agree on what's obscene
I have the right to choose what I
want to see and read
don't try to take away from me
my tight to privacy what I
do is no one business but me
so stay in your missionary position
I hope that you got bored to death
there's no way I'm going thru life
having vanilla sex
the governments trying to get in
your bedroom you better lock you
door and close you shades because
there could be someone watching you today
why do you try to make things illegal
why do we have to be 21
are you afraid that people are having
too much fun
why do you care what I do in my bedroom
why do you want to know how I screw
it seems to me you've got nothing better
to do.

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