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NOFX - Lower lyrics

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Lower by NOFX

I will never feel the ribbon break,
I will never taste sweet victory,
I don't want to leave the rest behind,
I don't want inscription on a plaque.
Never first or second place,
I won't ever run your rat race,
I will always be lower than you,
I won't be your competition, lowest
Totem pole postion is where I'd rather
Stay than be like you.
I don't feel the animal instinct,
I am not on top of the food chain,
The only battle I will fiercely fight,
Is one that hibernates inside my head.
Be the best, climb the ladder,
Do it better, higher, faster,
I refuse to participate,
If I go up, it will be slow, I'm bringing
Everyone I know and stopping on the
Sixth or Seventh rung.
On a pedestal, isn't the view great,
You better watch your step, cause it's a nasty fall,
When there's no one to
Catch you when you call...(x2)

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