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Ninja High School - It's Allright To Fight lyrics

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It's Allright To Fight by Ninja High School

You're going home in a fucking ambulance! fisticuffs in the street, we're intellectuals admitting to ourselves we're collective animals. collection of west coast avengers annuals, pop psychiatry and technical manuals. something wild - and it's turned up too loud anyways. something wild - but we're experts at this anyways. something wild - yr just repeating yourselves anyways! like "tell me why?" -- do i have to explain everything? bike racks 3:30, 31 yr jerseyed, Gauguin styles and hurting from the gravel in your cuts. let's do this like adults, no ifs, ands, or guns. ignore that student council election: nobody really speaks for us! rep by pop - who you telling to shut up?? rep by pop - not interested in quiet! rep by pop - your approach is invalid, think you're smart 'cause you never talk? lemme tell you what!! a life unnoticed is a life sentence, skulking in the hallway hoping yr name's never mentioned. noone can give you hassle if nobody's ever met you - damned if i'm saying who this letter is addressed to! like a sad song - that's not how you feel anyways! like a sad song - acting like a victim anyways! sad song - you don't have it in you anyways. yr passive aggression comes from a total lack of energy! you can't fight that dude, white laces in your shoes, fashion sense crude, at least you're true to yourself! but here's what else: what's worse, white pants or belts? ethics & aesthetics got me madder than hell! broken nose - communicate with flying fists! broken nose! cannot be called gibberish! broken nose! closest thing to consensus... say i'm wrong on this? well then prove it! we really do believe in the ballot or the bullet. you say you do too, but we don't think you would do it. election day comes and once again you blew it, strategic voting is a myth!! so.... no improvement. just as bad - but you helped it along anyways. just as bad - and you think it's better anyways! just as bad - 'cause they're both rich white dudes anyways. pistol tramps cut 'cause they've memorized everything. victory! in accord with hierarchies: history is fantasy and fuck preordained destiny! revisionism nothing: i mean complete overhaul of everything! cuddle thrash! you don't know what to believe. cuddle thrash! better to know than to believe. cuddle thrash! do we mean hugs or wrestling? why can't it be both, how can you say what those divisions

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