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Nico Desideri - The Song Of Shine And Shame lyrics

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The Song Of Shine And Shame by Nico Desideri

Shut your eyes
Let your world fade to darkness
You could be the one to save the things I thought
I'd for sure forever lost
Just skipped right out of my goddamn heart
Your cousin
He's screaming 'cause the needle is following him
Oh, don't you know?
That's the nature of the show
A needle will follow you and wake you and take you right back
To the place you tried so hard to leave
If you don't really mean what you say
Then why should this make the skin go away?
There's no need to shout
No one here is gonna doubt you again
So fix
Fix your eyes
On the sun on the sky
On the ceiling in your room
And all the shame that shines on through
And oh my God
I'm sweating it out again
And I've been taking it out on you
And summer's here and it's closing in and your lips are closing in on me
And I just don't think I'll ever make you see
So I hope you really mean what you say
'Cause my skin's just about to give in
And it's crawling with doubt
Screaming right at me all day
You got your shine girl and I've got my shame
Together we're killing it
We're gonna make it all
We're gonna make it disappear

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