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Nick Granato - Crisis lyrics

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Crisis by Nick Granato

Words & Music By Nick Granato
Last night I got a phone call from my brother Joe
He said he wishes life would just leave him the hell alone,
He said he’d do things different if he had another chance
I said to him you still can, he said, no I can’t… Crisis
Well I was having lunch the other day with an old friend of mine
She said the guy she was seeing for months, had told her goodbye
She said she’s too old for these games and she’s running out of time
I said your no you’re not, she said, I am…. Crisis
I can see the worry lines embedded on their faces,
You don’t have to look real hard it’s easy to trace it
Broken dreams and promises that lead to desperation
Living through another no win situation …. Crisis… Crisis…
On the news the other night they showed pictures of a war,
Well, It’s hard to tell who’s fighting who and what we’re fighting for,
The commentary always seems to slant to someone’s side
It seems we’re all accustomed to this indifferent kind of life…
We’ve got politics and world events keep our hearts beating faster
We’ve all become so weary everyday we face disaster
We analyze, politicize, and criticize our trauma
With Talk shows, and radio, exploiting all the drama… Crisis... Crisis
Social rage and empathy, clouding up reality
Self absorbed philosophies, leading us to tragedy…
Some of us look up to God for answers we can’t find
And some of us blame someone else, while others are just blind
But if we choose to see the good, and we looked beyond ourselves
Life wouldn’t feel so dark here, like we’ve all fallen in a well….
Crisis… Crisis… Crisis….
© 2004 Song Harbor Music/BMI

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