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Nice & Smooth - Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks lyrics

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Return Of The Hip Hop Freaks by Nice & Smooth

Chorus: Repeat 4X
This is how we take
The old from the new
The new to the old
The old from the New
[Greg Nice]
And if you pumpin in the BMZ pump it like this
You whip it in the BMZ pump it like this
You pump it in the Benz pump it like this
You pump it in the AC pump it like this
You pump it in the Jeep just pump it like this
Pump it in the Benz just pump it like this
Greg N I my IQ high like a hat
Ain't nothin wrong with my pockets stayin fat
No static at all, if so get the gack
You can't beat that with a baseball bat
All I wanna do is shine
Make some loot, and sip some wine
Buy me a mansion then recline
Have all the honey dips wine and grine
Its in my nature to be kind
Girlfriend what's your zodiac sign
Greg N-I chillin with my partner in crime
Smooth B
You seen us on MTV
90, 91, 92, 93
Uhn, ahh lala wui wui
Smooth B, uhn if you down with me
Step on the mic, step on the mic
Rock on, shock on, get on, get on
Rock on, rock it to the break of dawn
[Smooth B]
Yo, first no one knew that my skill were tight
That I could rock a mic all long and stay right
Man listen, when it come to rhymes I smell them
I got lyrics locked in my cerebellum
In other words brainstem
Like my man Rakim said, I'm better than the rest of them
I'm a tid bit smoother
I bust a rap like a Luger
I'm dreamy like Krueger
Smooth B, real in the flesh
Greg Nice my counterpart keepin the vibe fresh
And we can go on
From night to morn
Rippin the mic and leave the stage torn
Never in a scuffle
Cause i can chill in the Bronx
And still do the Hollywood Shuffle
Take it back to the essence
To the jams in the park, ahh everesence
Felt like yesterday
When I was a shorty b-boy around the way
Cango, nylon, Nike suits and Pumas
I had girls from here to Montezuma
Now things are pretty much the same
But I don't have to rhyme for free and that's the price of fame
I had to learn alot to protect myself
From those that want what I got
Now, I can be the same like a ?pamphlet?
And before they bight, I throw a damn fit
I gotta keep makin papers
I got no time for no corn ball capers
So here's a word from the wise
If you tryin ask me, your in for a big surprise

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