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Nexx Chapter - Wanted lyrics

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Wanted by Nexx Chapter

[Colby O'donis Cover]
[Verse 1:]
Looking for this girl, have you seen her?
She's about 5, 6
Pretty model type, but a dreamer
She always rocks nice kicks
And there's sumtin bout the way those green eyes stare right through me
As my night turns into day, damn I wish she knew me
Well, drop the height an inch or two
Add an inch all around cause mine's a little bit thicker
Caramel skin, dark brown teddy bear eyes, few tats, bro I gotta be with her
She's a ten on my scale, no richter
Crushing on her daily, constrictor
When I've seen her outta work I haven't gotten any slicker, damn
Real shit you're...
[Hook: T & Gabi]
Wanted, wanted, wanted
Tell me where can I find you?
Ooo Baby, you flaunt it
But I can't put a price on it
Ehh Ehh
You gotta turn yourself in
And you'll be rewarded, I promise
Put your hands up if you're tryna be wanted
[Verse 2:]
I caught her sunday with no makeup
Still the prettiest out
Almost wanna hit Jacob, have her marry me now
You see I know I should slow down, but she got me twisted
And now I don't know how, my head is spinning around
And now we spoke a few times, but it's all small talk
Am I really any closer
I'm almost sure you would say Yes
But the small chance of a No holds me back, Red Rover
Some days, I daze into our future
All I want, and I love that you cook too
Sweetest smile, wearing the whitest teeth
I wish you heard this hook boo
At first sight you were...
[Breakdown x2: Gabi & T]
Rockstar, cause she can rock anything
Swear bro, she could have my baby (baby)
And I must admit, she's the only girl in the universe that could save me

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