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New West - Porch Light lyrics

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Porch Light by New West

On the road with a travelling band
Just ain't the life for this average man
In hotel rooms or the bus till dawn
If it weren't for the money I'd be up and gone
There's a house that's sitting on a stretch of land
Where the earth is black in the palm of your hand
If I had my way that's where I'd be
On the front porch sitting, just the family and me
But under our porch light
That's where I learned to sing and dance through the night
Or sit with a country girl and hold her tight
Everything was all right
Cos no matter how dark, it would shine in the night
That's where I learned to love, under our porch light
My father was a simple man
Life to him had a simple plan
You give a full day's work for a full day's wage
And when the day is done, you just turn the page
In the fields I learned about working hard
On Sundays I learned of the grace of God
And my mamma taught me how to be a gentle man
Cos a curse or swear would find the back of her hand
Life can teach the cold hard facts
Like who to trust and how to watch your back
But I believe I learned the most by far
In the dead of night beneath the moon and stars
[Jeff Swaim; ©1997 New West]

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