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That One Song Lyrics



Nettspend's Latest Release: That One Song

  • Artist: Nettspend
  • Song Title: That One Song
  • Producer: ​justron
  • Release Date: July 8, 2024
  • Label: MBZ Music, LLC, Motion Music, LLC & Atlantic Records
  • Featured: OsamaSon, Xaviersobased, Zuro, and Mazzy Joya

Annotations and Meaning

Nettspend's "That One Song" is a highly awaited tune among underground rap fans, often dubbed as a "grail" due to its scarcity and the artist's developing notoriety. The song debuted via an Instagram broadcast in 2023 and was then previewed at Nettspend's Rolling Loud show. Its popularity skyrocketed on social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter, thanks largely to its inventive usage of a sample from Deftones' "Entombed." The song's lyrics explore issues of substance abuse and escapism. Nettspend begins the song by expressing a shared desire to get high, a repeating topic throughout the song. The artist reflects on his actions and choices while under the influence of several narcotics, including lean, Xanax, and MDMA, all of which bear the Tesla emblem. Despite these indulgences, he acknowledges his mixed experiences with many drugs and expresses a predilection for one in particular. The lyrics also mention a college girl using ketamine, reinforcing the song's examination of drug culture and its consequences on relationships and personal identity. The line "Brink's truck full of sticks" contrasts the artist's lifestyle with traditional rock and roll, emphasizing his dislike for the latter while applauding his own choices. The music video for That One Song graphically complements the song's ideas, depicting Nettspend getting high on the side of a highway while his buddies witness. This artwork captures the song's themes of drifting and alienation. Nettspend's delivery, which is characterized by a slurry and effects-heavy style, contributes to the track's overall sense of disorientation and hedonism. Despite its shortness (1:49), the song clearly reflects the chaotic and frequently risky spirit of the lifestyle it represents. That One Song is memorable not merely for its lyrics, but also for its cultural significance, connecting with a generation facing comparable experiences and hardships.

Detailed Analysis and Themes

. Nettspend's "That One Song" is a vivid study of modern adolescent society, notably emphasizing on topics of drug use, escapism, and the search for identity. The song's theme revolves around the artist's encounters with various narcotics and the brief highs they bring. This tune provides a vivid depiction of the hedonistic lifestyle that is frequently celebrated in modern rap music. Drug Use and Escapism: The song begins with repetitive words expressing the desire to become high, which sets the tone for the rest of the song. Nettspend talks about his use of lean, Xanax, and MDMA, emphasizing both the allure and the dangers of these drugs. The words, "Xan got me high enough to fuck your main bitch / She said I'm going dumb, but I won't cum, who you think I am?" express the detachment and numbness that frequently follow heavy drug use. Relationships and Identity: The track also discusses relationships, however they are frequently superficial and impacted by substance abuse. The analogy to a college girl on ketamine emphasizes the fleeting and unstable nature of these bonds. Nettspend's wish for others to "see the best of me" implies a deeper longing for acceptance and recognition, which contrasts with the self-destructive acts portrayed in the song. Cultural references: The sample from Deftones' "Entombed" provides depth to the track, connecting alternative metal and modern rap. This crossover showcases Nettspend's diverse influences and ability to merge genres to create a distinct sound. The music video, inspired by the Burberry: Open Spaces advertisement, highlights the artist's artistic vision and cultural sensitivity. Social Commentary: By showing a lifestyle centered on drugs and transient pleasures, Nettspend indirectly addresses the stresses and issues that today's youngsters face. The escape shown in the song can be interpreted as a reaction to the cultural pressures and existential difficulties that many youth face. The song's production by Justron includes a pitch-shifted sample from "Entombed," creating a spooky and mysterious backdrop for Nettspend's words. The use of vocal effects heightens the impression of disorientation and separation, which reinforces the song's themes. Lyrical Style: Nettspend's delivery is characterized by a slurry, effects-heavy style that matches the song's theme. The lyrics are concise but impactful, providing a detailed picture of the artist's experiences and perspective. The repetition in the intro and outro emphasizes the cyclical nature of his existence, highlighting the constant and often hopeless pursuit for pleasure through narcotics.

That One Song Song Lyrics

That One Song by Nettspend

Nettspend & Chino Moreno]
I just wanna get high
She just wanna get
I just wanna get high
She just wanna get high
I've been bad all along

From the day you arrived
I've remained by your side

Like, she just wanna get high
And I just wanna get— and I just wanna get high
I would go-go ghost if I felt like it was right
I wish we could fly

Pour up for my brother, your lean don't even make me high
You get me high, you get me high, it don't even get me—
Xan got me high enough to f**k your main b**ch
She said I'm going dumb, but I won't cum, who you think I am?

TRX, yeah, I-95, popped the Tesla X
Likе, like, like
I was with a collegе girl and she was off the ketamine
I just want you to see the best of me, uh (Me, me)
Like, Brink's truck full of sticks

You know how we roll, but f**k your rock and roll
It's some drugs that I hate, I love the drug that I'm on
It's some plugs that I hate, I'll take the plug out the wall (Uh)

From the day you arrived
I've remained by your side
Like, she just wanna get high
And I just wanna get— I just wanna get high
I would go-go ghost if I felt like it was right
I wish we could fly

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