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Nerina Pallot - Longest Memory lyrics

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Longest Memory by Nerina Pallot

Birthed in a shadow, only truth I can see
On with it's twin memory, roam the night
Rolling down
The queerest thing following it's work
Makes me feel like dying star-naked
Rolling down, rolling down
And you don't know night
Don't know day
Don't know why you feel this way
But I do somehow, I do somehow
(Verse 2)
See the vocal hymn ain't no friend of mine
Don't knock on my door, I ain't got no time
Ain't they fine? Ain't they fine?
But I swear that I heard this story one time
Bout vision and greatness born in every child
I'm rolling down, tears are rolling down
Rolling down this state(?) of mine
(Verse 3)
??? (I'm no expert, but it sounds like Italian)
Rolling down the streets
Take the burden to the streets
Cuz now that they're gone you'd think we're all free
Slipping the chains of hystory
His tears are rolling down
They're still rolling down
Oh, it's pure and it's perfect and you know what they say
Good boys maketh good men then they go to their graves
Don't leave the fight, don't you give the fight(?)
But the loneliness, oh, the lonelyness
Yeah, the loneliness is the longest memory
It's the longest memory

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