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N.E.R.D. (The Neptunes) - Wonderful Place lyrics

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Wonderful Place by N.E.R.D. (The Neptunes)

Yeah, uh-huh...
It's good...
Damn, it's setting in now (I'm so high)
'Cause cartoons are turning into real life.
Lemons and limes are fighting.
Fighting over straws,
Like they were oil filled pipes.
Why's the sun writing this song?
Why is this funny to me?
All of a sudden the mouse comes along,
And what he sings brings harmony...
You may not understand,
Why there's a smile on my face.
It's 'cause this world could be,
Such a wonderful place.
'Cause some of these companies,
2003 get erased,
But oh not me man,
I see a wonderful place.
The world's a wonderful place, yeah!
My soul's in my smile ho-oh.
Don't frown,
Just get up, get up.
(x4 overlap)
Look at the birds,
Look at the bees,
Look at the skies,
Look at the seas,
It's a wonderful place.
Look at the planes,
Look at the cars,
Look at the sun,
Look at the stars.
The wallpaper's moving.
My arms and my legs leave a blur,
When i swipe.
Sap is just oozing,
The trees say, "smoke blocks the sun."
So for them it's just night.
The seven eyes looking through the clouds,
Why is that funny to me?
And here comes the mouse singin, loud,
And what he sings, it brings harmony...
My soul's in my smile.
Don't frown,
Just get up, get up.
So she tells her man lets go fishing
We'll go tomorow Marlon when the sun rise
And then she says she wants to take her kids and
That's her boy that's 12 and her daughter that's 4 with angel eyes
So they get there
And the sun is barely risen
Decided on a spot where the fish is plentiful with the tide
They get out their pose daddy smiles and says the fish is jumping
Then they heard a splash but it sounded bigger than fish size
12 year old screams MOM and mom screams back
The baby that was holding your arm
But that 30 seconds ago so they jumped in
All coming up with nothing
But then...
Something told mom look toward the light
But the sun wasn't yellow it had turned white
So she listended and swam, swam for the light
Like the Michelin man she swam with such might
She spotted the baby and she was on her back
Just as the light said sunrise was heavens' track
She turned her baby over
Her eyes were still blue
The baby had a smile and said...
I was waiting for you,
Mom i was waiting for you
Your baby
I love you
And i was waiting for you
I was waiting for you
I was waiting for you... momma
I was waiting for you
I love you mom

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