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N.E.R.D. - Drill sergeant lyrics

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Drill sergeant by N.E.R.D.

Artist : N.E.R.D.
Title : Drill Sergeant
Album : Fly Or Die
Drill sergeant, I got a word for you
I'm not going to war (I'm not going to war)
I'mma cash in a million books
And work at the Barnes & Noble Store (Barnes & Noble Store)
You must think you're Orson Wells
And this is 1954
You don't understand liberty until
Someone speaks for yours(someone speaks for yours)
Shame on you,
Saying serve your country
While I'm young
Shame on you,
Messing my mind up, handing me guns
Byebye Mom and Dad and all
Just incase there's failure
I put the blame you
But I've got something to tell you...
Aim on you
Leveled their buildings, destroyed their soil
Aim on you
Did you finally figure where to run that oil?
Why cry if a man should die, when there's probable failure?
Or I could just aim at you
But I got something to tell ya...
Maybe there's another way
That we can bumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbump [4x]
Oooh, I'm not going to war, i'm not going to [4x]
Hate when they call me superstar,
Do I look like a superstar
Never ever rolling very far
Ever notice I'm right here with y'all?
I cover my face because, they do not need to see
I'm no gansta or no thug, I'm just being me
the world smells of drama, so I cover up my nose
The faces like film, leave it out too long
It's over exposed
I been praised by magazines
From girlfriends and my clothes
Hope they still love me when I shed away
Cause I am afraid to glow.
Want War !
Now the fear of blowing up, definitely takes its toll
It sends its demons down, to take control
If it thinks its got my mind then it better think again
I got the pleasure of the piano and this powerful pen.
But you (you!) You have fifteen minutes to shine
What's your concept, what's your interest, and what's your design
So you get your cover story, and your precious headlines
So sorry, so sorry, so sorry
Just f**ked you from behind!
I don't want to blow up, I'm smiling cause I know
all the pieces that make me me
Immenses from my soul
My self esteem is nodding,
and it it comes from within
Come and take a picture or sign
whatever you want my friend
still, still

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