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Neglected Fields - Solar lyrics

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Solar by Neglected Fields

When day is gone the night is dusk
Grotesquely dark, hostilely ancient
Territories in obscurity.
The utter darkness descends
Something wild possesses the Earth
Where hunger guides ensomnia-makers
...Add the colour of disgust and
Paint the horror enter
When night is dusk.
Uncertainty is what we get
When moon metastasis are reached out
Herbivorous instincts strike
The fear of flesh to be devoured
Sunrise blade... Slash sanguines, bright
Celestial beast's evescerated
My nocturnal passage stirs up
Fit I thought neglected
My heathen fit...
Light solar
Archaic rapture follows
Infinite shine
The unity of flesh and flames
Almost divine
When night is gone the day is light
Oh vital light, perennial, ancient
Carnal spark the sun ignites...
Such an erotic fascination
Noctiflorous withering...
Strange things have birth
Renewing existance
Day blood awakening to justify and excuse
My pagan burst!

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