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Nefarium - Doctrina Haereticorum lyrics

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Doctrina Haereticorum by Nefarium

The farthest signal and the most
Silent and pleasing message
Are being transformed through the passing
Of every minute,
Between a heartbeat
And a still slow sigh,
Long shadows
Hide themselves behind a solid stillness,
Transporting pain and hate
In heavy backpacks
The pupils of the eyes
Are pierced by lamps of terror.
... like high flames
Which dance,
Suffocating oxygen
And every doubt becomes reality.
From the old well from which it comes...
Trough the obsession
Destiny will soon cry out
Covering another light veil in the air with mud
A face is mirrored in the water
Trough the obsession
To tear down the pillars of craziness.
Caresses touch the air
And sighs cry out in the wind
Where wisdom runs away
And the transparencies die in the thick obscurity,
I am obsessed,
And every ray of the sun
Becomes a sharp wire
Ready to strangle and every cloud becomes lead on the heart
To kidnap breath and words,
Streams of wax covering another light veil in the air
With mud full of useless junctures, between the dusk of a soul and the dawn of a cadaver.

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