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Necrophagia - Beyond and Back lyrics

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Beyond and Back by Necrophagia

Suicide (no will to live)
So called afterlife (does it exist)
Depression, aggression locked up inside
Is life worth living (it's time to decide)
Your demise, a razor's touch
Were things really that f**ked
Burn as you cease to exist
You leave your body a vapor of mist
Departure enter the unknown
Horrified as the journey continues
Relentless pleas of agony
Visions of grotesques deformities
Remembrance of forgotten memories
To dwell and rot in purgatory
I shall never rest peacefully
In this world of never ending insanity
Forever my soul to be condemned
Misery and suffering (it will never end)
The shadow of flames by
Restored to flesh and bone
Which mortal birth bestowed upon me
Witnessing what no man should see
I have learned to live is to be free
To die by my own hand is blasphemy
Now granted amnesty
To be spared and shown mercy

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