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Nation Of 1 - Stright edge anthem lyrics

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Stright edge anthem by Nation Of 1

I'll be hiding in the shadows
I'll be waiting in the dark
to drive this blade straight through your heart
I'll drag your body to the car
as blood races down my arm
I think everyone will wonder where you are, tonight
I'll hide you in my walls
your body will never be found
I'll wear your skin as a suit, pretend to be you
your friends will like you more than they used to
dear diary my teen angst bullsh*t has a body count
I believe it's 6 going on 7 now
I've been dreaming about you
in a pool of your own blood
with your eyes gouged out
by the work of my thumbs
the scent of your insides
from under the floorboards
the perfect perfume
to settle a score

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