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Narcoleptic Youth - Busted Condom lyrics

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Busted Condom by Narcoleptic Youth

I'm just a product of a busted condom.
Society doesn't give a "fluff" about me.
A mistake at the latex factory.
Another crying babies mouth to feed...
My friends used to go to the grocery store
And poke holes in the boxes.
But they don't think that's funny anymore
Because now they're paying their taxes.
I'm just a busted condom.
You're just a busted condom.
She's/he's just a busted condom.
We're the products of the busted condoms. SNAP!
I'm just the product of a busted condom.
It doesn't really matter how I got here.
A little too much Peach Schnapps and bourbon
Mixed in with half a bottle of beer.
You roll 'em on and you stick 'em in
And you think that it's all in fun.
But when the condom snaps and the sperm leaks out,
Congrats! You've got a son!
You stand all day in the welfare line
Just to get some of Uncle Sam's money.
It's just the life of a B.C. baby and it isn't very funny...

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