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Na Leo Pilimehana - Sweet Dreams Featuring Lil' J lyrics

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Sweet Dreams Featuring Lil' J by Na Leo Pilimehana

[Lil' J talking]
Check this out know
i mean you holding it down for me and
i appreciate that so uhh
i just wanna speak my mind let you know
how i feel check this out
check, check
[Rap: Lil' J]
Babygirl lay your head on my pillow and let me fullfill
your deepest desires and wishes so close you eyes and embrace
my hugs and kisses in your visions at night while
i get this dough from shows
in this glamorous life
with all the lights, camera and nights take a pair to my future wife
in this paradise i hope you got the flowers and letters i sent ya (ooowha)
feenin for your touch missin you bad no matter the weather
[Verse 1: Na'Shay]
All i (all i)
do is (do is)
sit here (sit here)
scribble on the paper (paper)
love hurts (love hurts)
me and you will last i don't (don't)
want to (want to)
fall asleep and miss the feeling (the feeling)
i get (i get)
just htinking of you (ooh)
If i think (if i think about you babe)
if i fall asleep (if i fall asleep)
we'll be a guarenteed (be a sweet dream)

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