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Na Leo Pilimehana - Miss Or Lose Featuring Tracemidas (Snippet) lyrics

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Miss Or Lose Featuring Tracemidas (Snippet) by Na Leo Pilimehana

Yeah ahhh
[Rap: Tracemidas]
Yo babygirl yo ah
you can cry on my shoulda
ride in my Rova
rocked up fella but nah i'm not Hova
i came in ya flame and now it got colda
ma, let me shake them monks
get yo mind right
show you how to spend your time right
every body not twenty-twenty is time sight
been there, done that
make the lime light
make sure you keep ya shine right, baby
[Verse 1: Na'Shay]
Over there hangin with your friends
i know that you noticed that i walked in
can't wait to get over next to me
don't need to say it's written on your face
You've been watchin me...and
i've been watchin you
let me get the connection
maybe something new

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