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Najoua Belyzel - Diamond Animal lyrics

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Diamond Animal by Najoua Belyzel

Want to be, want to be
Want to be your siamese
Holing you through the forest
The torch will enlighten the way
You're still the king
History of deer
Rebel and darkened
When he was five
Had eaten pure of crystals
You're still the king
Abyss and avalanches
Inside the son of jupiter
You're still the king
Diamond animal
Your passion is the target of the archer
Cannot live without hope
But don't you make a sacrifice
If free love is unconditional
You're still the king
I still wanted be your siamese
My dark diamond animal, animal (x2)
A light like you it's not ending
Still looking
It's to die to leave, we put out too low
And ignorant, don't
Without any trances of violence
We are getting ready
We have to know when
'Cause you're in a hurry

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