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Mystifier - Thus Demystifier Spoke lyrics

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Thus Demystifier Spoke by Mystifier

I doubt that any god has created this wonderful world.
There isn't any evidence of gods living in the sky.
The impact of religious disorders has ruined the world.
Condemn any slavemaster who try to oppress the human mind.
No god has the power to create men.
Have men the power to create gods?.
Thou shalt bleed.
The end of all mysteries.
Not making new mysteries.
Sophism has distorted so many human minds.
The truth vanished in the mist of the dark.
Rebel against manipulators' gods' creation.
Hell was invented to sell.
Indulgence from Hell.
Years of abstention and intolerance.
Where's your reward?.
No god is worthy of my penitence.

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