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Mysonne - Streets Are Real lyrics

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Streets Are Real by Mysonne

Walk with me
Definition of a dream, part two
We all have dreams, don't we?
Streets is real out here, man
You know how to act to that sh*t that you see on TV
How that sh*t on that big screen?
Yeah, they is poppin' out here in this concrete jungle
Niggas out here get it in fo' real, ya feel me?
We livin' in the dog days, where the poor pays
More tax than the rich, cracks in the hallways
Neva sleep, couple naps in four days
These young niggas will clap you ova Concorde J's
We all praise to the Lord, but them whores praise niggas
Who live they life, but with raw sake
They all say they bosses till the law say
Who operate or do life, then they all safe
They all talk, all snitch, all turn stakes
Then you learn they was all fake in the first place
My first case, a nigga did seven
Been through hell, so I should automatically get to heaven
I get the lemons and I make lemonade
I make the realest fazes in rap ever made
I'm a renegade, outkast, I'm a black sheep
When the niggas wanna know the truth, they ask me
I don't sugercoat, niggas in the hood is broke
Except the nigga in the hood who got the goodest coke
I shoulda smoked cuz sober I can't escape sh*t
I kneel, ride or walk in this Matrix
I make chicks forget whaeva they was doin'
All they remember is the words I'm sayn to em
Years game, but my game is the truth
G in the streets, same in the booth
Pain in the tooth ain't worse than disloyalties
Surrounded by G's my whole life, I guess it spoiled me
All you see is a nigga chain and a niggas shine
You too blind to see a nigga lame
The nigga games said Miles f**k with me
And we gon' make mo' paper than the muthaf**kin' tree
Money Gang is us, nigga, call a fire man
If these niggas b**ches, got my name on my diaphragm
I ain't lyin', nigga, I got these hoes gone
He had hoes, he had my shoes, no droes on
You know what goes on with thug with intelligence
Certified live nigga gettin' dead presidents
Ever since day one, I was focused
3 Cee, S1, ocus, S, charge, dolla, rob
X doin' life for drugs, he shoulda shot a cop
You gotta stop and incarcerate the gentlemen
And leave us with the males that's more feminine
Than they girlfriend, sh*t is like the whirlwind
It's written, these are the signs for the world end
He in the pearl Benz ridin' to destruction
Gave him ?, he ain't wanna take destruction
I had discussions in bill with the scholars
They believe knowledge is worth more than million dollas
I'm pilot like the bad b**ches chose
I'm a pimp, my niggas call bad b**ches hoes
I was bad, I was mad, I had to flip O's
I was mad cuz I had different goals
I wanted to be like Mike, I had hoop dreams
But I had O shoes with no shoestrings
I ain't have fruitloops, I had fruit rings
Niggas in my crew use to shoot things
The truth brings shame to the devil
And the truth is niggas just ain't on my level
I'm the realest nigga breathin', every word I speak is true
I'm who I said I was, are you?

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