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My Ruin - Me Without You lyrics

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Me Without You by My Ruin

If we can't trust another and the night won't let us sleep...
Will all the pills I take each day still keep me on my feet?
With every friend we make we make another enemy...
But when all is said and all is done it's only you and me you and me!
Yesterday has come and gone...
There is no looking back, tomorrow we will smile...
The past is just the past!
Now the sun has started shining and we're back where we belong...
And everything just feels right but I know it could go wrong...
If we trust so easy all these friends that come and go...
So promise that you won't forget, remember what we know - what we know!
Today we wash our hands and all our sins are so clean
Don't you know we've grown tired of always wondering!
For every story that is told another one is kept
But when the truth is finally spoke then we'll see who's left!
Yesterday has come and gone there is no looking back!
Today we smile and we laugh... the past is just the past

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