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My Epic - The Lover And The Thief lyrics

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The Lover And The Thief by My Epic

I have found, what I lean on I can't rely on
You breathed words of safety but they're ringing hollow
Let me tell you how I understand things to be
Those to whom much has been given, will much be required
So this is not how it should be. You have abandoned the vow that you have made
And I don't think you're aware of just how much this damages my faith
These threads are undone
And you're supposed to hold
Them together for me
But now my clothes are torn
Where is my father?
I was always here my son but
My promise lacks constraints
So now I'm wrecking you
To help you see
You're not who you should be. You have mistaken your role in all of this
And I know you're not aware of the consequence of thinking so amiss
She's gone, I love you all (x4)
Those threads are undone
Though I've been holding tight
But you've been growing out
Of the clothes I made for you
She's gone, I know she's gone
Come back to me
I'm all you need
She followed me
That's why you weep
It's me you need

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