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My Epic - Garden lyrics

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Garden by My Epic

Oooo, Oooo, Oooo
Oooo, Oooo, Oooo
There is a garden, my brother started months ago
Though he prayed for harvest, it now lies over-grown
Cause he shuffled earth, but never sowed a seed
Only his doubts took root, they choked his faith like weeds
But when his nerves were turned he went to face those empty beds
And found the earth had given birth, despite his promises unkept
Oooo, Oooo
Oooo, Oooo
Brother Micah, feed the seeds he'd sown
And he prayed for mercy, for crops he knew would surely grow
But there's no way to hide the shame we plant at night
They may lie dormant, but blooms will always find the light
If there was only justice in this world, he would be alone
With his heart still left in parts that he could never hold
But now I ask you of his bride; friend do you see that rose?
She is the loveliest crop failure he will ever know
We plant, water and worry
But we don't have any control of the harvest itself
But oh, the messiah
He's not like us
His power is endless and he won't break his promise
And there is still a garden, sowed at the foundation
It's wrapped with redemption and spreading it's roots
Bless the storm for the rain, bless the Lord for the proof
That the harvest is soon
And I know that it's true
Cause I've seen the first fruits
We are the first fruits

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