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Mushroom Head - I'll Be Here lyrics

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I'll Be Here by Mushroom Head

No you don't believe in me
And I sure as hell, don't trust in you
Left that a long time ago,
Your life turned inside out
Look at me to point your finger,
But your time is running
The bridge is down and done,
No we can't start
'Til we find where we've begun
I'll be here before the end of time
To take you home
Cut yourself a slice of life
Before eternal cold comes down
Believe in me
Why find a way out
Till you damn sure have been in
Won't be long to much of nothing
End those dreams of death and live
Figure it out, put you down
For an hour, or a day
Could be a minute, or they waste it away
Left that a long time ago
In a sea of disappointment
No we can't stop, 'til we find where we begun
Don't ask for forgiveness,
Ask for trust cause change
Is the path we laid for us,
No we'll never stop, asking for this
Take a stand against this prejudice,
You ask for this
All the blind can see there's never kustice
All the deaf can the words that I say
Don't ask for forgiveness, asshole
The best of nothing left

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