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Ms. Jade - Best meets best lyrics

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Best meets best by Ms. Jade

(feat. Lady Luck)
[Intro Jade (Luck)]
B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best)
It's about time, don't you think?
(Hey) Some real chicks
Doin' real sh*t (Concern yaself)
[Chorus Woman]
It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo)
You can't get enough of this (Whoo)
[Verse 1 Ms Jade]
I'm easily spittin' facts, ya opinions don't matter
No matter the muh'f**ka we bustin', this muh'f**ka ain't poppin' or duckin'
Oh, easy ox, this is gangsta girl talk
Money long and strong and I'm a pimp, see it in my walk
These niggas get more than b**ches, expect that
BSin' and half-steppin', how I'm 'posed to respect that?
Naw, easily could get gone, lucky Jade is much harm
Ya'll p**sin' over the beats, I'm sh*ttin' on ya front lawn
You want it, it could be on, f**k the piano's and horns
Take it back 'round the time Eddie Murphy was raw
The hood was happy and poor, now we poor and p**sed
No Belve' no Cris, rap music, son-of-a-b**ch
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 2 Lady Luck]
Ms. Jade holla at me...
Yo I ain't in to rappin' funny, clik clak crackin' dummies
Have 'em wrapped like mummies, wait til the tires get dunny
Baby the pussy's free but my time costs money
Chain hang, look like I got Alaska on me
Me and the homie Ms. Jade, switch lanes, spit game
Cocksucka, we Thelma and Louise, with hammers to squeeze
Huh, mami came to thug it, spits p**s colored
Escada jeans in the Gucci, f**k it (Let's go)
I live it for real, spit steel grippin' the wheel
I cut ya grill, 'til you look like Seal
Holla at me
When them 380's buck, even old ladies duck
Dubs on the truck, by the way my name is Luck
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 3 Lady Luck & Ms. Jade]
Yo yo yo, it just don't get no better, no hotter
No momma can touch, f**k with Jade
It just don't get no sicker, no bigger
Best meets best muh'f**ka, who would figure
Yo sista pass the liquer
Or pass me the Swisha and roll up a fat one
I'm still high off the last one
These rap b**ches do not know who they dealin' wit
I'll pimp-back-slap 'em, get 'em hoes that spit
We too sick, this is how it's 'posed to be done
Them misses got too prissy, cocked, thinkin' you f**kin' wit Luck?
You f**kin' wit Jade, then the Uzi will spray
Right through ya prostate, turn projects into the world trade
I am a major sh*t talker, back it up
Come and test
I'ma quick spark and leave a hole in ya chest
Luck is you still with me?
From Jersey
And Philly, zippin' down the turnpike
Tricks right, burn right, Def Jam, Beat Club, pretty b**ches
We thugs, play tough then we duff three in ya mug
[Chorus 4x]
[Outro Luck (Jade)]
Turn it up!!! (Turn it up!!!)
Rock wit it (Rock wit it)
Rewind it back (Rewind it back)
I like that (I like that)
Ms. Jade (Lady Luck)
Ms. Jade (Lady Luck)
Uh uh hahaha

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