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Mr. Vegas Rap - 20 Questions lyrics

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20 Questions by Mr. Vegas Rap

(Chourus 1)Would I stay tru? what would I do? would I be the same without the fame?
(Verse 1 - vegas) the answer is probaly aint that obvi lifes king of the hill and I'm the winna but still a beginner until I've had the last dinner and came back ridin spinnas if u had a girl she'd leave ya cause yall sound like justin beiber the 4th question is wheres my chain at? yo it's probaly like ur girl it aint came yet ur not tough and u haven't even felt the pain yet did 1 word even process through ur brain yet? ur probaly over there playin wit ur train set I'm in a casino placin my insane bet I'm so hot my sweat makes the rain wet and ur an epic fail aint that a shame? (yep)
(Chourus 2) would ac still be famous if he didn't know mr vegas? or would he be an ignarmaous? lets take a time out to ask hime and find out
(Verse 2- ac) yea u kno I'm ac u know I'm 6'3" but do u know my musical history? did u kno I was in a band? no? I didn't think so I'm such a tru g I got a recording studio in my room don't drive a mazda no zoom zoom if u get on my nerves I start to get moody if it's not coco pebbles then it better be fruity what u made ur whole life I spent on call of duty this style of rappin is new son were startin a whole new revolution well of corse u get the ccc mr vegas rap t master and me and so much more we buying out a store and ur fans don't adore u they ignore u liars get shot in the throught haters smoke pot on they boat and I don't care if the pope hangs me by a rope it wont change the fact that I'm so dope so I aint gon mope imma keep my head high and reach for the sky but can't get my head in the clouds gotta stay glued to the ground keep the family pround and keep the crowd loud and wowed
(Chourus 3) does any one rap just 4 the music any more? cuz I'm pretty sure they all get lyrics off the floor cuz they try to act poor so what the hell are we doin dis for?
(Verse 3-vegas) well I don't know if I can answer ur question I'll take a crack at it but I'm only guessin this might sound insane but they might just be messin wit our minds givin us signs of what's gonna happen next send it via text and that's just my guess and yes I told u I'm the best and the reason u aint got a hole in ur chest is cuz u were 2 chicken 2 take it like the rest and u had to wear a bulletproof vest so ac please pass me the next contestant cuz I'm done teachin this ass a lesson I don't even know man is this the 14th question? but right now what's new? what's up aaron?
(Verse 4 -ac) this is verse numba 4 after dis thers no more isn't dat ironic? man it's like I'm super sonic captured in a dome tell me how can I get home? do I break though this here chrome? damn this game is so damn insane it's like I'm still feelin the pain man I don't feel the same is it from this acid rain? 
(Chourus 4) the mission we were fishin for is caught sold and bought it ends just like we thought and if u learned  what we taught u will become the greatest we don't gotta lie man we don't get paid to say this we pay the dj so that he will play this playlist... peace
A.C.  Mr. Vegas Rap Casino Cash Clan Records 20 Questions yea

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